How can I overcome fear?

1Jo 4:18 Fear is not in love, but perfect love drives out fear, for fear has pain. But he that feareth is not perfected in love.

Many people are driven and determined by fear. Fear of failure, of losses, of unemployment, of the judgment of other people or of people in general, of sickness, of death, of God, of punishment, of other religions, of immigration, of accidents, of darkness, of loneliness, of being misunderstood, of wanting, etc.. These fears can torture the human being enormously, and even cause psychological disturbances and physical illnesses.

Where do these fears come from? In many cases they are due to negative experiences. People were negatively influenced by other people or their environment as children or teenagers or sometimes as adults. These negative and sometimes very painful experiences can trigger various fears. If these fears are not solved, it can come as mentioned, to anxiety diseases, phobias or other neurological disturbances. In serious cases where a person becomes unable to act, it is certainly good to seek professional help.

Another possible source of anxiety may also be occult experiences or practices, conscious or unconscious. Satan also tries to bind and torture people through fear.

The Bible gives us very good and also free advice on how to overcome many fears and, if this is true, how to be freed from the power of Satan. The answer to the victory over fear is in the verse above: Liberation comes through God's love. Fear always comes when man has distanced himself from God's love. The absence of love means the presence of fear, but the presence of love means the absence of fear.

God's love liberates and gives deep peace. Man can only develop sustainably in the love of God. Through the love of God every fear and every burden can be overcome. God's love overcomes and exorcises fear. What does God's love look like and how can it be received and experienced?

  1. God is love. God loves every person. Every person has intrinsic value because he was created by God. 
  2. Because God loves us, He gives us complete forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the way to God and to the love of God. Whoever receives Jesus Christ into his heart, i.e. believes in his vicarious death on the cross, where Jesus Christ was punished for the sins of all people, took them upon himself, and then rose again after 3 days, will not only experience complete forgiveness, but will also receive eternal life with God in heaven.
  3. Because God has forgiven us, we are now ready to forgive all people. In the beginning this may be difficult, but it is necessary so that God's love can fill us and change us.
  4. The more we engage with God's Word and connect with Him through prayer, the greater the conviction of His love for us will grow in our hearts, and the more we will be freed from fear and able to love other people.
Psa 23:4 Even though I walked in the valley of the shadow of death, I fear nothing evil, for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
Psa 118:6 Yahweh is for me, I will not be afraid; what shall man do to me?
Rom 8:35-37 What then can separate us from Christ and his love? Oppression? Fear? Persecution? Hunger? Cold? Danger to life? The sword of the executioner?  (36) It can happen to us as the Scripture says: "Because we belong to you, we are threatened with death; we are treated like sheep destined for slaughter.''  (37) But through him who loved us, we are sure of an overwhelming victory in all this.
Phi 4:13 I can do all things through him who makes me mighty, Christ.
2Co 3:5 Not that we have been able to do this on our own, and that we can attribute something to ourselves: No, our empowerment comes from God.
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