Worship - uplifting and intimate

Our brilliant worship band is another reason to come to church on Sundays! Our talented band creates an environment where you can come before the Lord as you are and be one with God in the spirit.

We believe there is healing power through Christ in worship and in the name of Jesus and our band creates an intimate atmosphere where we can have heaven on earth and freedom in the spirit.


We all need encouragement and practical answers to life's challenges. Our messages are designed to help you grow in faith and in your personal relationship with God.

Kids Church

In our church we value our Childrens Ministry because we believe the Bible says that all children are a gift from God. They teach us to be patient, forgiving, loving and kind. Through these we are able to discover the true heart of God. Our faith should be like a childs, walking in faith and trusting His word.

We would be very happy to see you on Sunday!

Where: Schützenstrasse 3,  ground floor

When: 10:00 every Sunday

If you need help finding us,  contact us!