The prophet Jeremiah

The prophet Isaiah

Power through community

Power through God's Word

Power through prayer

The Swiss National Anthem

The church in the end times

The mission of the church

The development of the municipality

The first municipality

The Bible as a foundation

Science and the Bible

Prophecy and the Bible

Origin of the Bible

The fruit of the Holy Spirit

Filled with the holy spirit

The ascension of Jesus

The spiritual mother

Work and the Bible

God and man

The good samaritan

The Good Shepherd

The resurrection

Healthy friendships

Healthy body

Healthy feelings

Healthy thoughts

Relationship with the world

Family relationship

Relationship in marriage

Relationship with GOD

Limitless Grace

Limitless power

Boundless Wisdom

Limitless Love

God's spirit And the birth of Jesus

God's Spirit and Man

God's Spirit and Jesus

Symbols in the bible

Psalm 138

Psalm 40

Psalm 23 - the Lord is my shepherd

Psalm 1

Spiritual prosperitiy

Spiritual Authority



Steadfast hope

Love that sets us free

Faith that overcomes

Take time to think about the endtimes

Why church? - William Williford

What is salvation?

Who are we as human?

The Holy Spirit

Who is Jesus?

Who is God?

Is the Bible God's word?



Technology & Faith

Science & Faith

Philosophy & Faith

Daniel - Lisa Frischknecht




Principles of prayer

God's vision for our lives

Das leben ist eine reise

Jesus prays

Spiritual development

Messenger of Jesus Christ

forgive 490x - Pascal Olivier Giroud

Road to Reconciliation - Stefanie & Rosario Chirico

True Worship

Sermon on the mount

Faith and Science - Dr. Christian Hofreiter

Thank, Repentance and prayer day

How important is the local church?

How will the future look like?

How can I overcome fear?

How can my faith grow?

How do I win over the dark spirits?

What does Bible say about healing?

How do I know God's will?

God provides

God's grace

The good news

Full of the Holy Spirit

Chosen by God

Guide to prayer

God sees me

Robby Grubbs - Don't stop for the ringing bell

God is still speaking today

The Life of Paul

The life of Jesus

What we can learn from Solomon

what we can learn from David

What we can learn from Samuel