About us

About our Church

We are a gathering of believers in Christ who meet in Thalwil. We belong to the Swiss Pentecostal Mission (SPM) which is part of the largest and fastest growing evangelical movement in the world. We have the designation of a “free church” because unlike the Reformed or Catholic Church we are not supported by the state, but operate independently from the state and have the organizational structure of an association. We see ourselves as part of the worldwide body of Christ  and our desire is to fulfill our part of the Great Commission here in Thalwil, the surrounding areas and to the uttermost parts of the earth.

We have great activities for different age groups such as: infants, children, teenagers and young adults. We have small groups called Connect-Groups that meet in different locations once a week for prayer, fellowship and sharing.

Together we want to discover God, life, love and faith. Life is much better when you have friends with whom you can experience forgiveness, inner peace and joy. The message of Jesus Christ makes people free, he forgives sins and  he gives eternal life. Our dream is that as many people as possible will discover this truth before Jesus Christ returns.

We would be very happy to see you on Sunday!

Where: Schützenstrasse 3,  ground floor

When: 10:00 every Sunday

If you need help finding us,  contact us!